Opening of the Information Centre at Hodeida Port [29/March/2021]

WhatsApp-Image-2021-03-29-at-100937-PMThe Chairman of Yemeni Red Sea Ports Corporation, Captain / Muhammad Abu Bakr Ishaq, together with the Chairman of the Land Transport Regulatory Authority, Waleed Abdullah Al-Wadai and the President of the Yemeni State Industrial Corporation and Marketing of Cement, Dr. Qassem Abdullah Al-Wadai, inaugurated on Monday 3/29/2021 the Information Center at Hodeida Port.
He briefed the head of Al-Mawani Corporation on the equipment for the information center and the services it provides, and listened to the director of the center, Engineer / Abdullah Ibrahim Hajar, on the overall tasks and works that the center carries out from the process of tracking ships through the Marine Traffic website in the corporation’s ports and international ports.
Captain / Ishaq emphasized that the Information Center in Hudaydah Port represents the first building block of the electronic portal of the single window through which the entire port community will be linked in implementation of the directives of the political leadership, the Ministry of Transport and the Foundation to build the modern Yemeni state. Completing the equipment for the information center at Al Hudaydah Port.
The Chairman of the Board of Directors added that the qualitative distinction in the work of this center indicates the institution’s progress in the electronic field and digital transformation.
The Information Center is a qualitative addition to the ports of Yemeni Red Sea Corporation and a practical translation of the general direction of building the modern Yemeni state. The center aims to provide electronic information faster.
The opening activities were attended by the Director General of the Office of the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Nabil Omar Al-Mazjaji, the Director General of Planning and Statistics, Dr. Waddah Abdullah Mujmal, the General Director of Maritime Operations, Captain / Shawky Murshid, the General Director of the Container Terminal, Captain / Mohamed Al-Sayyis, the General Director of Wharves and Yards, Mr. Khaled Hamid, and the General Director Follow-up: Mr. Ibrahim Ishaq and members of the National Vision Committee, Director of the Movement and Employment Department, Eng. Muhammad Ibrahim Al-Saafani, Director of the Construction Projects Department, Eng. Hussein Fine, and engineers and technicians of the Information Center

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