Objectives, tasks and functions of the authority

  A- The Authority aims to regulate and supervise the activities and services of land transport in all governorates of the Republic and the land por.

To ensure its development and enhance its role in supporting the country's economic development

And that is within the framework of the state's general policy and the provisions of the law, regulations and other legislation in force. 

B- The following tasks and specialization :-

1- Establishing regulations and procedures governing various land transport activities and services, and coordinating with relevant government agencies in planning and organizing those activities.

2 - Encouraging competition, preventing monopoly, and expanding investment in various land transport activities and services.

3 - Take the necessary measures to remove all obstacles that limit competition in the field of land transport.

4 - Granting and canceling the necessary licenses and permits for practicing various land transport activities and services in accordance with the conditions and procedures specified by the law and the regulations.

5- Supervising and controlling the activities of all licensed and authorized carriers, to verify their compliance with the law, regulations and conditions specified in the licenses granted to them, and to take legal measures against those in violation of them in accordance with the provisions of the legislation in force.

6- Collecting royalties, fees and royalties for all land transport activities and services in a manner that does not conflict with the fees of the local authority in accordance with the laws in force.

7 - Monitoring and following up the land transport fares prevailing in the market, setting indicative ceilings for them, and following up on that in a manner that does not harm the public interest.

8- Preparing forms of documents, records and notebooks used in the various land transport activities and obligating carriers to keep them and act according to them.

9- Preparing serial records in which all the details of the parties licensed to practice the activities and services of land transport and the means of transport operating in the Republic of various kinds are recorded and announced to the public to facilitate access to their services.

10- Setting the technical requirements and specifications for the means of land transport that are authorized to enter from the land, sea and air ports and licensing them to practice various land transport activities, taking into account the requirements of people with special needs and the conditions for preserving the environment in accordance with the law.

11- Preparing the necessary plans for the needs of the population in terms of various means of land transportation, which are compatible with the geographical nature of the Republic.

12- Preparing the necessary studies for the development and organization of land transport services within and between cities, developing appropriate solutions and treatments for the problems they face, and directing their implementation.

13- Defining the main lines of the urban transport network, inter-city transport, and branch lines, which require the provision of land transport services therein in accordance with the principles and standards set by the authority in coordination with the relevant authorities.

14- Determining the permitted routes and lines for international road transport in coordination with the relevant authorities.

15 - Supervising and controlling the land ports of the Republic and city ports and developing them to facilitate the flow of passengers, goods and various land transport means, and to facilitate intra-trade in coordination with the competent authorities outside the customs territory, so that the customs department continues to exercise its competencies completely independently in accordance with the law.

16- Participating with the Traffic Department in the investigations carried out in road transport accidents.

17- Coordination with the relevant authorities regarding the protection of the environment from pollution resulting from the use of land transport.

18- Rehabilitation and training of specialized cadres to serve and develop the Authority’s activities in coordination with universities, institutes and specialized centers internally and externally in order to achieve raising the level of efficiency and performance of the Authority’s employees.

19- Determining parking spaces, overnight stays, parking lots and land transport stations in cities, in coordination with the competent local authorities.

20- Concluding contracts and agreements related to the Authority’s activities in accordance with approved plans and provisions of laws, regulations and decisions in force.

21- Implementing a modern information and statistics system that covers all the Authority’s activities, ensuring the provision of information and statistics on the movement of passengers and goods, whether within the Republic or with neighboring countries, and monitoring the numbers and types of vehicles.

22- The license to carry out technical inspection works for the means of land transport in accordance with the law and the regulations in force.

23- Proposing legislations related to the Authority’s field of activity.

24 - Participating in regional and international bodies and organizations related to the Authority’s activities.

25- Any other tasks stipulated in this Resolution or required by the nature of the Authority's work.

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