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The funeral of the Minister of Transport, Zakaria Al-Shami, in Sana'a (23 / Apr / 2021)

newsImage-2021-04-23-at-72154-PMSana'a - Sheba:

Today in Sana'a, the bodies of the Minister of Transport, Zakaria Yahya al-Shami, and his mother were buried in a solemn funeral procession.

During the funeral ceremony presented by a member of the Supreme Political Council, Sultan Al-Sama’i, Deputy Prime Minister for National Vision Affairs, Mahmoud Al-Junaid, and a number of ministers and members of the Shura and Parliament, the mourners confirmed that Al-Shami's departure represented a loss to the homeland in general and the Ministry of Transport and its affiliated bodies and institutions in particular.

They indicated that the deceased Zakaria al-Shami contributed to the strengthening, development and modernization of the various land, sea and air transport sectors, technically, professionally and administratively.

news-Image-2021-04-23-at-72154-PMThey praised the virtues of the deceased and his contributions to defending the homeland, and steadfastness in the face of aggression and siege, with all determination, sincerity and dedication.

A member of the Supreme Political Council, Al-Sama’i, indicated that the deceased Zakaria al-Shami was one of the best national cadres, who had proven his worth and sincerity in the tasks and positions entrusted to him.

He pointed to the role of the deceased al-Shami in thwarting the aggression plots that target security, stability and the general tranquility of society.

The bodies of the deceased al-Shami and his mother were buried in the cemetery of the Ishaq Mosque after praying for them in the Al-Shaab Mosque in Sana'a.

The funeral was attended by agents and advisors of the Ministry of Transport, heads of bodies and institutions affiliated with it, general directors, employees of the Ministry of Transport and its various sectors, a number of sheikhs, social figures, and a group of citizens.

Inaugurating a Cleaning Campaign at the Transport Screening Positions in the Capital Municipality “Sana’a city” [07 / April / 2021]

news-Image-2021-04-07-at-83513-PMSana'a - Sheba
The chairman of the General Authority for Regulating Land Transport Affairs, Waleed Al-Wadaei, and Director of the Cleaning Project in the Capital Municipality, Ibrahim Al-Sarabi, inaugurated today a cleaning and improvement campaign in all transport sorting positions in the Municipality
The campaign, implemented by the Cleanliness Fund and Project and the Transport Authority branch in the Municipality, aims to remove waste and distorted appearances, rehabilitate public transport stands and sort out in the directorates to ensure the preservation of cleanliness and the environment in conjunction with the advent of the blessed month of Ramadan
At the inauguration, in Bab Al-Yaman sort, in the presence of the directors of the authority’s office in the secretariat, Muhammad al-Shahari, the Directorate of Safia Naji al-Shayani, and the sanitation area, Muhammad al-Qatash, stressed the importance of implementing improvement campaigns to qualify the positions and sort the transport.
The head of the General Authority for Regulating Land Transport Affairs praised the level of coordination between the authority and the Capital Secretariat to implement tasks and actions that would regulate and improve transport.
Al-Surabi and al-Shahari indicated that the campaign will continue to remove waste and improve hygiene in the land transport sorting stands, to improve the aesthetic and environmental view in the capital.
The inauguration was attended by the Director of Visual Improvement in the Cleaning and Improvement Fund of the Municipality, Muhammad Al-Bashiri, and the Deputy Director of the Office of the Transport Authority Branch in Al Safia District, Samir Alyan.

A meeting to discuss the mechanism of joint cooperation to organize the sorting in the Capital Municipality Sana'a City [04/April /2021]

news-Image-2021-04-04-at-113706-PMToday a meeting was held, which included the Chairman of the Authority, Mr. Waleed Abdullah Al-Wadaie, and the Director General of Traffic, Brigadier General Mujeeb Al-Rahman Al-Omari

And at the meeting attended by the general director of the authority’s branch in

the capital’s secretariat, Muhammad al-Shahari, the general director of ports and

branches, Ahmed Ali Abdul-Karim, the general director of financial affairs, Khaled al-Arasi, and the general director of legal affairs, Abdul-Raqeeb al-Hamzi
The joint work mechanism was discussed to organize the counting of the Capital Municipality and rearranging traffic lines in a way that contributes to reducing congestion and traffic congestion. The meeting dealt with the redistribution of means of transport in proportion to the traffic lines as well as the development of operational plans and the time period for that, which will be reflected in the development of urban transport


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